Mango Berry Balsamic Sweetened Prosecco


Some fancy bubbles for your friday. Heeeey. There’s something about prosecco that’s very enticing. It has this romantic sort of feel and I love every aspect of that. My mind tends to live in this constant fantasy world so I can’t help but envision 1950s style men dressed up in suits (aka the set of…

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Maple Sesame Banana Pecan Granola

Aka chunks of sesame maple love. How interesting is this flavor profile though? Maple syrup + sesame oil + bananas + pecans. Does this go under the strange but good category? This was my first time using sesame oil in a granola recipe which is probably why my mind is ALL thrown off thinking this…

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{No-Bake} Lemon Olive Oil Almond Oat Squares

Whew what a title. I just spent a solid 15 minutes contemplating how to title these beautiful lemony squares. There’s lemon olive oil involved. Lots of almonds (almond flour + honey roasted almonds), lots of oats (oat flour + rolled oats) and they are cut into little squares. Hence my title of choice. Moving on…usually…

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Life Lately: Summertime Family BBQ

Is it just me or is summer going by like the speed of sound? August is creeping up hard and pretty soon we’ll all be scouting for Labor Day cocktail recipes. Someone invent a time-freezer puh-leeze. My summer so far has been a summer full of change, events, travel and work. Lotsa work but the…

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peachguac-2 Title

{Recipe Redux} Chili Lime Manchego Peach Guacamole

Today is a weird day. This post feels all wrong because it happens to be my birthday and I didn’t post a dessert recipe. WHO HAVE I BECOME?! Okay got the over-dramatic-ness out of my system. But seriously how weird does this feel? No death by chocolate nutella cupcakes? Deep dish cookie pies? Cookie butter…

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Avocado, Mango & Chickpea Barley Medley

Can you tell I am enthralled with summer produce? It has been avocado, berry, peach and mango galore. And the excitement over my luscious, in-season fruits is beyond real. Does anyone else get this ecstatic over biting into a juicy yellow mango? Speaking of mangos something has got me craving a good mango margarita. My…

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Spicy Shrimp & Asparagus Alfredo Stir Fry

Is it possible to head over heels in love with a sauce? Like straight up IN LOVE. Aka let me go bathe in this all week. Just kidding. Kinda. But on a real note this alfredo sauce is so amaze-balls it has me saying weird things like amaze-balls. That’s when you know things are getting…

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