Maple Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies


Browned butter is like the bible when it comes to baking. It is the ultimate holy grail of all cookies, bread and baked goods. Hearing the words “brown butter” in a recipe title is almost as sacred as the words “maple bacon”. I type this with the most serious look on my face because I…

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White Chocolate Eggnog Biscotti

This is the definition of Christmas in Biscotti form. It’s white chocolate meets eggnog meets hazelnut meets sugar cookie. Yes, this is real life! Clearly Santa has been good to you if you’re reading up on this recipe. If there’s ever a debate as to what you should make from my site, this is the…

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DIY Christmas Gift: Whole Grain Butterscotch Banana Bread

I’m baaaack! Remember how this month started out with healthy casseroles, slow cooker breakfasts’ and veggie packed comfort food? Well we’re over that . It’s time to move on to my favorite part of Decemeber. The DESSERTS. Right after finals ended I managed to get food poisoning and suffer from the flu all weekend. Fun…

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Le Gruyere Cauliflower Gratin with Almond Parmesan Breadcrumbs

When I think of winter season I think casseroles, gratins and filling comfort food. It’s crazy how much our body’s crave something warm and hearty during cold weather. My hunger pangs literally ache for bowls of creamy oats, cheesy soups, deep dish cookies and loaded casseroles. Before I dive into the cookie madness and give…

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Vanilla Bean Steel Cut Oats

Slow Cooker Vanilla Bean Steel Cut Oats

Aka the breakfast I dream about. The breakfast I jump out of bed for in the morning. The breakfast I sprint towards in a matter of seconds using my fast glycolytic fibers. I lost you didn’t I? Excuse the anatomy lingo, my brain is clearly in FINALS mode and couldn’t help but add that in!…

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Hearty Lemon Veggie Orzo Soup

I wanted to call this “heartbreak soup”. It’s packed with all the colorful vegetables, hearty orzo pasta and pairs perfectly with parmesan + mozzarella cheese. In my mind, melty cheese is the best way to soothe the soul. Along with brown butter chocolate chip nutella cookies, but that’s a given. Soups that steam with lemony…

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Mocha Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookies

The holidays are approaching and I have a plethora of cookie recipes on the brain. A cookie recipe hasn’t appeared on TNK since summer. Early summer, in June, when I came out with a Chocolate Chip Blueberry Breakfast Cookies. These cookies were beyond beautiful and even made it into the Huffington Post which will make…

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