Droolworthy 4th of July Menu Ideas


So in all seriousness, I have barely had a millisecond to contemplate fourth of July. This week has been crazy busy for me with moving out of my apartment, nanny jobs, blog work and summer school midterms coming up. I am in for real need of a relaxing weekend (with a small side of studying…

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Simple Lemon Garlic Broiled Chicken

Being a food blogger doesn’t mean I eat fancy foods on a daily basis. Pach Pie Chia Pudding does not happen for breakfast everyday. And my dinner menu doesn’t always consist of creamy Cabernet veggie lasagna. Having easy-peasy basic recipes is almost as vital as the other “fancy” stuff. Sometimes life gets in the way…

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Life Lately: Dinner at Centrally Grown

As I write this post we are in the middle of packing up my little apartment into boxes and moving across town. I never realized just how much stuff I had until this move. For real, why did I need all those little baking dishes, and flour jars? Le sigh… While moving can be a…

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No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Bars

All about the “no-bake” bars lately. When my oven gets turned on in my teeny tiny kitchen, the entire apartment feels like a heat death trap. That plus the fact that summers in SLO are no joke when it comes to the weather, a hot apartment is not my style. Luckily I will be moving…

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Balsamic Glazed Sharp Cheddar Stuffed Turkey Burgers

It’s grilling season! Summer food is probably my favorite kind of food. I came to the realization awhile ago that everything “grilled” is 20 times better than other cooking methods. For example grilled chicken is so much tastier than baked chicken. Maybe it’s the smoky flavors and the juiciness that comes through when something gets…

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Maple Glazed Peach Pie Chia Pudding

This is me being super late to the whole chia pudding game. Well, at least in the blogging world I am pretty late to the party. Chia pudding was very huge in 2014 across the web and possibly even before that. Not sure why it took me this long to hop on this train but thank…

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Strawberry Lemon Cream Quinoa Bars

My idea of summer bliss in a nutshell. Juicy strawberries + refreshing lemony flavors + maple cream = hello summer vacation. Of course my ideas of summer vacation or any vacation in general revolves around food/desserts so just roll with it. You know that giddy feeling you get inside when something makes your really excited?…

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